The competition, Tech-I, is focused on young scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs, aged between 18-40 years old, who have either an idea or startup in the subject areas of agriculture, energy, health or information and communication technologies.

The application is simple, requiring the submission of an executive summary of 750 words and a 90 second promotional video. This year 86 countries are eligible to apply and following an initial expert panel review applications then go to the public vote. The top 30 finalists will then win an all-inclusive paid trip to sub-Saharan Africa in July to participate in the Finals at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. At the finals, applicants will have the opportunity to win up to $15,000 USD in individual funding, up to $70,000 USD in total prize money, a year membership to AAAS, and every finalist will also receive up to 3 months one-on-one mentorship with top experts in their field or subject of interest.
This is an exceptionally exciting competition and here at AAAS we are extremely excited to ensure that all who are eligible to apply have the opportunity to do so.

Application deadline is March 20, 2015.

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