The three-training days would be designed as follow-ons to the December 2011 workshops, and would focus mostly on the principles and applications of laboratory biorisk assessment; the characterization and evaluation of potential laboratory biosafety and biosecurity risks. Thus, the objective of the coming workshop will be around the following points:

  • Define and discuss the concepts of biological risk and risk assessment
  • Describe the role of risk assessment within biorisk management using the “AMP” (Assessment, Mitigation, Performance) model and CWA 15793
  • Discuss the elements of laboratory biosafety risk assessment
  • Discuss the elements of laboratory biosecurity risk assessment
  • Understand different stages of the risk assessment process, including risk characterization and evaluation
  • Introduce methods to measure biorisk, including a structured biorisk assessment methodology (BioRAM)
  • Enable students to design and conduct structured risk assessments
  • Understand different types of biological waste, and appropriate collection and storage methods
  • Understand the factors that influence the selection of waste treatment and disposal approaches
  • Define and discuss the concept of “performance” in the biorisk management system context
  • Discuss rationales for biorisk management system performance analysis
  • Discuss performance evaluation methods
  • Discuss CWA 15793:2011 as an international framework for managing biorisks

Who can participate?

PHD Students, confirmed researchers and professors at the universities, working on animal, human health and plant pathology.

How to apply:

Please send a CV to the e-mail address of the workshop with a summary (no more than 250 words) on your research activities or on the theme of your PhD thesis.
Deadline; 31 March 2012.
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Draft Workshop Agenda


Day 1




* Introduction

* Biosafety andBiosecurity RiskAssessment

* Biorisk Mitigation

– Waste Disposal


* Orientation to Biorisk Management

(review session)






* Introduction to

Biorisk Assessment

* Biosafety and Biosecurity Risk Assessment (continued)

* Biorisk Management Performance


* Biorisk Assessment


* Lesson Evaluation


* Conclusion




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